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Recently, I’ve heard a lot about the new” Galaxy” line of smartphones. You’ve probably seen the commercial or two and know exactly what I’m talking about. There are a ton of reviews out there on all these new gadgets that just seem to do everything wrong… from screen burn to performance issues. I’ve decided to separate the reviews from the hype and give you an unbiased look at what the new” Galaxy” has to offer.

The first issue is battery life – it seems like every review out there is saying that the new phones will last longer, but I’m not sure. I’ve bought some pretty powerful devices before, and the new models are nothing special. The new units are fine for holding up a couple of hours, but once that run out they start to die out quickly. This is actually what I think the biggest drawback is…

It’s been widely reported that the screens on these phones are really poor in quality. The problem is that most people don’t even realize this until the battery is dead. Once the screen is off, the battery life is gone for good. So, if you’re reading a review and mention that you’ve bought one of these new models, keep in mind that you’ll likely be disappointed. My advice?

Get a battery life monitor and see what your battery life is like. Obviously you’ll want to use this with a computer as well so that you can compare it to other models out there. If you do find that other models are more capable of lasting a day or more, you can always get an even more powerful model and compare it to those reviews. Just make sure you do this with every review you read as there are just way too many varying opinions out there!

Now, let’s talk about the design and performance of this phone. The user interface of this phone is very simple and easy to use for anyone who has ever used a cell phone. The keys are all labeled and easy to touch. The navigation buttons are designed to be quick and easy to use. The screen is large enough for you to read at least one column of text…it’s just not big enough to type with confidence. You can learn more information about INR18650-30Q

In my opinion, these phones are great for anyone who wants the benefits of a smart phone without all the frills that come with a new phone. These phones are not a status symbol, but rather a phone that are just as easy to use as any other phone out there. If you are looking for something a little different…this could be the phone for you. I would say just keep these things in mind when you go shopping for a Samsung.

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