Can You Use Natural Treatments For Dogs With Anxiety Problems?

Not a substitute for expert veterinary assistance. Even though gaining in popular popularity due to recent news stories and increasing availability (as cbd oil for dogs is becoming a hemp seed extract product), medical marijuana for dogs, CBD products for dogs, and other products derived from cannabis are a tricky topic to cover in an article. Much more is needed than a brief mention of possible dangers here and there, and even then, the reader should proceed with caution. Talking to knowledgeable experts on the subject, from the latest studies to questions about safety, regulation, research, and even personal matters such as lifestyle choices, can give the true consumer a much more complete picture of which products might be most beneficial.

But what of potential side effects that human can feel? Like humans, can dogs develop serious side effects from therapeutic cannabis, CBD oil for dogs, CBD products, or any other source? Of course, much of this comes down to individual physiology as well as habits, but even so, it is important to consider the question of whether or not these types of therapies may be harmful to humans as well. The answer could be complicated, but there is definitely potential for serious adverse side effects in both animals and humans.

For example, it is not known if CBD oil for dogs will affect lab mice (study performed by the UK’s university claims so). There have been no studies performed on CBD for humans, and even the FDA has yet to approve any type of CBD product for humans. It is widely believed that it is the lack of rigorous, long-term testing in this area, which keeps the supplement out of reach for most consumers. It is also believed that high-quality CBD for dogs should not contain any psychoactive substances at all.

Because of these facts, many pet owners who want to give their pets CBD oil in a supplement form are finding themselves frustrated with what they have found out about CBD. The frustration may be compounded by the fact that there are conflicting stories about how much CBD dogs should ingest to achieve effective results. One dog owner has reported seeing results from only a few drops of CBD oil! It makes one wonder if that pet owner has not been feeding his or her pet with another substance that is causing the dogs to behave differently! This leads one to suspect that the true amount of CBD needed to produce results may be much higher than anyone has reported. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic – there are ways to properly administer CBD oil for dogs using products made by a reputable, established pet hemp company.

Some people who use CBD for dogs are misinformed or simply don’t want to part with the CBD oil they are using to treat their dogs. Some dogs suffer from medical conditions which make it impossible for them to take CBD. For example, some dogs are born with very poor muscle development and health, so they cannot process CBD and absorb it properly into their system. Other dogs may have kidney or liver disease, which would block the absorption of any dietary supplement. Even still other dogs may have congenital defects or health issues that prevent them from being able to process CBD in their systems. If your dog falls into any of these categories, speak with your veterinarian regarding the appropriate dosage levels for your pet.

However, there is a bright side to the issue of dogs using cbd oil for dogs – namely, that they can be helping their owners who are suffering from anxiety! Anxiety is a very real problem for many people – it can make a person feel as if they are going crazy, depressed, or overwhelmed – and it can be very real for a pet. For this reason, many owners of pets have found relief by using cbd oil for dogs to calm them down. If this sounds like you, talk with your veterinarian about the possibility of mixing in some of this oil with their dog and formula.

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