Fun Games For Kids to Play Online

What about online games for kids that they can enjoy from their bedrooms or even their living rooms? Today’s kids seem to be more interested in engaging in online activities than anything else. From games involving cooking and baking to educational activities and social networking sites like Facebook, kids seem to have an endless supply of things they can do online. A great example of this is the very popular ‘nutty’ Tomatoes Game, which is so popular with the younger set.

It all started when one day Tomatoes wanted to escape to a fantasy world. They were transported to a land where there were animals called frogs. Naturally, Tomatoes and his friends all had to join in a charades game night. The Charades Night is now known to involve hundreds of kids and is organised by schools and school activities as a fun way to teach children how to count and solve simple puzzles.

The very first game that was played online pragmatic play involved a scavenger hunt. Kids were to search for clues within a picture of a phone number on the Internet. First, they had to click on the picture until the correct answer popped up. Then the kids had to find all the items that matched the answers they got and had to place them in a bucket. For example, the first item found was a ZING zapper. The second item found was a NERF Gun.

So far, so good. But there’s one problem. The item that was needed in the bucket for the answer to the correct answer was a NERF Gun. No big deal, right? Wrong, because the Internet is filled with fun games for kids to play online and one of these games involved something called the Zooming Fish Games.

So what is a Zooming Fish Game? Well, it involves a very simple process. Basically, kids need to type in the correct letter in the chat box prompt. If the correct letter isn’t provided, the kids will have to try again until the correct word or phrase is typed in correctly. It’s really simple, but there is a very easy solution that you as parents can take advantage of.

Go to the website for Club Penguin and download the free My Tribe penguin avatar from the My Tribe page. Then, log into the virtual world and start the My Tribe penguin avatar by clicking on the Fish Tattoo design on the upper left-hand corner of the page. That’s it, kids games online that involve the use of social media and a free My Tribe virtual world to do it in!

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