Inkjet and Direct Labels

Inkjet Label Rolls is a cost effective and time saving products for the small business. They can be used on a range of paper from photo paper, cardboard and even white board. These rolls have a smooth surface and come with a metal trim ring that holds them together. There are numerous sizes and styles available in the Inkjet Label Rolls product range. Depending upon your requirement you can choose the size and style that best suits your business needs. Inkjet label is great for the small business who need to print barcodes, Promotional and/or adhesive labels, clearly printed envelopes, and many more different uses. You can get more information about afinia L801 labels

Inkjet label rolls have been around for a number of years and are still as popular today as they were when they were first introduced to the market place. Inkjet label printers use durable pigmented labels, which are printed on a hot plate using the hot ink supplied by the manufacturer. As the ink is applied to the label roll it is transferred through a heat press and then onto the paper that the label is to be printed on.

Thermal Transfer Printers are the latest technology being used by the Inkjet Label Roll manufacturer. Thermal Transfer Printers are becoming extremely popular with the introduction of the new age digital printers that are available today. These new printers take digital files that are supplied by the customer and then print the data onto clear, semi-transparent labels that can be attached to any object. The printers are portable and are capable of printing on a variety of surfaces and materials. They offer great value for money and are ideal for use with any size of business.

If you are looking for something a little more unique or would like to add your company logo to a number of custom printed labels, a ribbon search label printer may be your ideal solution. Ribbon search label printers use high pressure air flow technology to apply customized ribbon over any type of label material. The ribbon is melted onto the label using a heat source. This melts the ribbon and presses it into place until it is thoroughly saturated. The ribbon then falls off onto the label and the process repeats again until the desired results are achieved.

Inkjet and ribbon label printers can be used for a range of other purposes including applying address labels, business cards and even shipping labels. These printers provide the perfect solution for anyone who wants to add their company information to any document. Businesses and individuals can also purchase additional links, such as phone numbers, addresses and contact details onto custom printed labels. These can be used for mailing announcements, product information and promotional literature. By using this method of adding additional links, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the marketing message.

Inkjet and direct labels can also be printed in core sizes. Core sizes are basically transfer sizes of the label itself. This makes it easier to cut the label according to the size of the material that it is going to be printed on. When printed on a larger size label, these are easier to read and ensure that they are properly aligned.

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