Myths About Motorcycle Safety Keeps Motorcycle Owners and Riders Afraid

There are many debates on the topic of motorcycle safety. Many people are very concerned with the rising death rate in recent years of motorcycle riders. There is also a concern for those who live in or near busy roads where accidents involving motorcycles occur almost daily.

Motorcycle safety is actually the study of these risks and hazards of riding, concentrating mainly on motorcyclist behavior, traffic patterns and road layout, including motorcyclist training, helmet use, and the general attitudes of other drivers and other riders. While this information can be readily obtained from websites of governmental agencies and advocacy groups like The Safety Council of America, it is also important for riders themselves to become educated about what they can do to reduce their risk of being involved in an accident. A great deal of this educational effort has been done by non-profit organizations that have developed educational courses on bike safety. Some of these courses are available online.

One commonly held belief about motorcycle riders is that they are somehow less protected than automobile drivers because of the large size of their bikes and engines. While a bike may have fewer safety features than an automobile, statistics show that a motorcycle rider is actually as safe as an automobile driver when tested in a crash. This perception stems largely from two myths. The first myth is that motorcycles travel faster than automobiles. The second myth is that some motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than other models.

The speed myth is a common one. Statistics show that experienced riders are not any more likely to suffer a serious injury in a crash than novice riders. In fact, experienced riders are not any more likely to suffer a critical injury than experienced car drivers. The speed myth is often used to explain why inexperienced riders can suffer serious injuries in an accident. The argument goes that the inexperienced rider cannot be expected to react quickly enough to avoid an accident, which is why he or she crashes.

The second myth surrounding motorcycle safety and motorcyclist safety is that some types of motorcycles are inherently dangerous. Statistics show that fatalities from motorcycle crashes are actually lower than fatalities from car crashes. While there have been more motorcycle crashes that caused fatalities over the past few years, this does not mean that all motorcycles are inherently safer. All motorcycles involve the same physics as cars, so all motorcyclists can be at risk for the same type of injuries in a crash. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link looking at things from the bike riders perspective

Many bikers who are injured in motorcycle accidents contact injury attorneys. Motorcycle injury attorneys represent motorcyclists who have been seriously injured in motorcycle crashes. Many of these bikers are not only entitled to compensation for their injuries but also to medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. The goal of most injury attorneys is to ensure that the injured bikers receive the largest amount of possible compensation to help cover their costs and to compensate them for the stigma associated with having been a victim of a motorcyclist negligence. Motorcycle injury attorneys are on the front lines of ensuring that riders are not charged with negligence simply because they happened to be a biker.

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