Oil and Gas Companies Look for Animated People

Looking for a good 3d animation oil and gas? Well, there are plenty of animation companies, and they need more people with the skills and artistry to do them. A lot of them outsource their animation work to freelancers or contractors who can draw, paint, and animate scenes from their script. Here’s a look at an interesting example: a California based company is hiring for animation artists to create new online marketing campaigns and animations to promote their clients’ products.

The animation will be used for website navigation, advertising, social media, in-site content, and even corporate training videos. This all sounds pretty intriguing, but what sort of artists will be able to do this? The company is mainly interested in using creative individuals with backgrounds in the design and art fields, specifically artists who have experience working with 3D animation. The company is interested in artists who are good at using 3D graphics, like animation, photography, and computer generated art.

So if you’ve always wanted to get into animation but didn’t know where to start, maybe now would be a good time to take some classes. There are plenty of schools that teach these types of classes, and there are even universities that offer animation degrees as well. Do a search over the Internet for a school near your home. If you prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home, check out a classroom course or workbook for learning animation online.

If you’re interested in this career, what kind of training should you expect? Usually, you’ll have to take classes in drawing, painting, and any other skills that would qualify you for working on oil rigs. The good news is that in today’s economy almost any experience that you have worked on oil rigs will count towards getting a degree in animation, so just about any job in the industry will qualify you.

Now what exactly does an oil and gas company look for when hiring a cartoon artist? They want someone who can do a great job with realistic drawings and good imagination. When you’re done with your schooling, make sure to take an assignment and see if you can turn in a quality piece. Even though many people don’t think animation is important to oil and gas companies, it is a big part of the industry. Animation artists are needed all over the place, from technical support to account supervisors. Just like every other profession, the more you know the better off you will be.

Animation is definitely not the last place you will look for work. As long as there are oil and gas, there will be animation. Just make sure to get educated before taking on a project. It doesn’t hurt to know exactly what kind of work is expected before stepping into a company’s office.

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