Bus terminal Ioannina, Kefalonia bus timetable 2023& cheap tickets

Hi Katerina, I just called the KTEL bus station in Lixouri to hear what connections there are this summer. The answer is that there is no connection to/from Lixouri to Vrahinari/Vatsa Bay this summer 2020. The best solution in 2020 is to rent a car to be independent, especially if you are in a secluded resort.

Argostoli is connected by bus to most areas of the island, so depending on where your accommodation is located, you can board the corresponding bus. kefalonia bus timetable 2023 run daily between the airport and Argostoli, the capital of the island. The bus terminates at the central bus station, from where you can board another bus depending on where your accommodation is located. The bus will travel from Athens either to a port in Patras or Killini (either one, it doesn’t matter), then you and the bus will board the ferry.

Domestic airports are all operational during the high season, but be aware that during the off-season some of them don’t offer their services. That means you will need to access some islands or certain locations via other transportation like ferries. A 24-hour service is in operation, with frequent timetables and through the night journeys, daily. Monday – Friday service operates every 12 minutes with additional trips added daily. A car or a motorbike allows you to access all areas of the island at any time, without being dependent on bus routes.

There are discounts you can get if you are a student (so make sure you have your student ID ready!), if you are over 65 years old, and more. However, to be able to get a discount on Athens’ public transport you need a personalized ATH.ENA card, which requires some paperwork. Note that the ride from the airport to Athens is a fixed price of 38 euros during the day and 54 euros when it is nighttime. you can look here https://lostvoyager.com/

No pitying smile anymore when guests ask for public transport. Just get out the timetables and design a tour to all the main towns on the island and quite a few sites and beaches. The buses are typically colored blue and white and they have bus stations scattered everywhere in Athens. To know which bus route to choose when you are exploring Athens, use the dedicated site to find it with the tools provided there. However, there are some special 24-hour service buses that connect the airport with Syntagma Square, the KTEL stations of Athens, and Piraeus. Between cities, the KTEL buses and intercity trains are very efficient.

You can either buy your ticket from the ticket office or buy it from the bus driver (around €6). The X93 departs from the Athens Airport around every 30 to 40 minutes . The buses will have “X93” scrolling on the front/back/side of it and the destination name in Greek (may not be in English- Greek name below). Costs and prices of different ticket types may change, based on several factors. Please check the Moovit app to view bus fares of individual lines.

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