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Simply open up the files in your preferred program and you can add your logos, change colors, insert figures, add text and make any other necessary changes. More than 3,500+ ready-to-use infographics in more than 105 popular categories. Instead of going to arrange this time in order and send backward, I’m going to do it with my cursor keys. I’m going to press command and down, and there it went right behind it. I have got a hyperlinked infographic, and I would just repeat these steps over and over again.

Check to see where you’ll put text and images on each slide. You may want to change some colors later to fit with your branding. Now, let’s get to the steps you need to follow to create your infographic templates google docs by hislide. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make an infographic with Google Slides using a template. This will help you save time and effort on infographic creation. It’ll also give you a professional-looking infographic to promote your business.

Week one, they’ll be doing something. Week two, they’ll be doing something, and I need four weeks, plus a title, and then my branding. It is easy to visualize the sequence of some steps or processes implementation using this slide. The element will be useful for either conferences or business meetings.

‘Grow Your Business With Social’. I probably need to put social media. I want this ‘With’ to be significantly smaller though. You don’t have kerning available which is if you want to spread things out.

I can’t do everything, so I’m going to do those four. To link to that, again, I’m going to select a text, put the link there, paste it, and then apply. If you have any questions, please feel free to put them in chat, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

This is a brand new infographic that I just released yesterday that is available to the public. It’s called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Tagging’. It shows you how to use tags on every major social network.

A more important lesson included how to select information and data to share. What a valuable lesson for creatives to learn. Since all the objects on the slides are vector-based, each one is fully editable in Google Slides. This template comes with 12 premade colors, 90 built-in color themes, and over 5500 icons to customize the infographics.

I want this to be white, and I spelled grow wrong, so I need to fix that. What I’m going to do here is I took off the SlideDeck text. What I’m going to do is add a shape. I’m simply going to add a rectangle right here, and I’m going to add it. I’m simply doing this to create placeholders.

For example, the design elements in premium templates are vector-based. That means you can resize, recolor, and edit them without losing quality. Pick the Google Slides infographic template that works best for you. Create engaging infographics with the Dizital Infographic Pack Google Slide Template.

Many infographic resources work with all applications. Like most headlines, this needs to catch the audience’s attention and make them want to view the reset of your presentation. Are you still trying to figure out how to make an infographic in Google Slides? You don’t have to start from scratch. Start with a premium template like Montague.

Furthermore, these infographic presentation slides are retina ready. Elements offers you unlimited downloads of templates for one low price. Or, if you want a single infographic template for Google Slides, download one for one-time usage from GraphicRiver. It all begins with a well-designed infographic template for Google Slides, like what you’ll find in Envato Elements.

Follow the process I shared earlier to customize other infographic slides. Besides changing headlines, text, and icons, you can also change the colors. For example, here’s how you change the color of one of the round text boxes.

Remember to make arrange your text to make sure anything you want to be visible is visible. One great feature of Google Slides is that you never have to worry about saving manually. That’s because the app saves your work automatically. And you can easily undo changes to get back to a previous version if you need to. If you’re logged into your Google account, you can access Drive from the app menu next to the Notifications icon.

This template pack gives you 38 unique funnel charts and 5500+ icons to make the diagrams your own. Also included are 90 color themes you can easily install in Google Drive to enable one-click application on your slides. Get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates .

In order to speed up and simplify your editing processes, our templates and slide objects are fully editable in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. However, adding that to any infographic, no matter what tool you used to create it, requires coding. Our site is full of unique professional infographic templates for Google docs, PowerPoint and Keynote. We guarantee that choosing this slide, users and speakers will forget about nasty problems with quality. The element does not have defects. High-resolution devices are not an obstacle to this scheme.

I’m going to name it and I’m going to call it ‘Grow Biz in 30 Days With Social Media’. I’m going to open that up and put it in here. It’s going to be huge when it comes in, but I will resize it to be the correct size. Basically, this is the whole process of creating an infographic in Google Slides.

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