Insurance Company and your Construction Firm

It’s popular among owners of small to medium-sized businesses who rent or own the building in which they do business. This agency is responsible for regulating all insurance policies sold in the state, including commercial liability coverage. The state of New York requires every business that has employees, full-time or part-time, to carry workers’ compensation insurance. These policies are required everywhere in New York, from Rochester to New York City. If your business operates in NYC especially the Bronx it gets even worse. These biased courts cost the insurance company and your construction firm even more than the rest of New York.

Talk to our team about the New York liability insurance and risk management tactics you can use to keep your data safe. Property Damage – Damage to your clients’ property or any other property during your work is something that you will be responsible for. An example of this would be you are working inside a client’s home replacing cabinets and damage the flooring.

Though it’s not required, personal vehicles driven for work purposes should be covered by hired and non-owned auto insurance , as personal auto policies usually exclude business use. It can be added to commercial general liability insurance or a business owner’s policy . There is a vast amount of insurance companies that do business in New York, so between that and the fact that each business is different, the cost of insurance will vary widely. Also, your insurance premiums will depend on the policy and each one will have a different rating basis. For example, General Liability insurance may be rated on the number of employees or your annual receipts. Certainly, all of the policies will consider your claims history if there is any, and your work experience.

If you need coverage for a year or more, You’re better off letting us shop your coverage with our network or carriers. We’re laser-focused on delivering super quick insurance quotes with bottom dollar prices. We take a lot of pride in helping small business owners buy better business insurance with less headaches, and lower rates. We offer lower cost GL programs for over a hundred types of businesses in New York.

Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. can carefully review the language of the blanket additional insured endorsements and confirm your status as an additional insured under a policy. Get the best NY small business insurance quotes online & info on cost, coverage, minimum requirements, certificates & more. When it comes to buying business insurance at the lowest rates, having a national insurance agency on your side can be a huge advantage. We’ve developed unique programs and coverage options for many types of businesses in New York, and throughout the U.S. Our agency works with each of our carriers to offer more flexible payment options designed to help improve business cash flow.

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