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Healthcare Dentists disability insurance is a kind of insurance that covers a portion or all of an individual’s risk in incurring healthcare expenses, spread over several other persons. Health insurance is designed to protect the insured from catastrophic medical costs. Most people have medical insurance because it is required by law; however many people choose not to purchase comprehensive health care insurance because of the large premium costs involved. Health insurance is also known as the secondary insurance. It is considered less expensive than primary insurance because the insured is only required to pay for expenses that he or she is actually facing.

Health insurance can be classified into two main categories – Managed care and primary healthcare. The managed-care insurance involves administration of hospitals, physicians, clinics and other healthcare facilities; while primary healthcare involves the supply of healthcare services to the insured. There are also managed care policies that cover only healthcare providers. The main article of healthcare insurance is health maintenance organizations (HMOs), which offer low-cost or low-deductible health plans.

Under the new system of U.S. insurance regulation, there are three basic insurance plans, namely Managed care, Indemnity and Preferred provider organizations (PPOs). According to the new system, there would be three types of health care systems: fee-for-service, traditional fee-for-service and the most innovative, managed care. According to this new system, the new system of U.S. insurance regulation would cover all health care services provided by hospitals, doctors and other health care providers to the insured. Under the fee-for-service plan, there would be a main health insurance company that will reimburse the insured for the medical charges that he or she has incurred during the course of his or her coverage. This reimbursement system would only cover the specific medical charges incurred by the insured and would not include any other charges or deductibles.

Under the indemnity health insurance system, there would be two main plans, namely the Indemnity policy and the Managed Care policy. The indemnity policy covers all costs that are agreed upon in the contract of the insurance policy. There is no co-payment or deductibles involved in this plan. On the other hand, the Managed Care policy enables the insured to choose from a group of health care professionals, hospitals, home health service providers, etc., who will work together as a team to deliver proper health care services. The concept of managed care is gaining more popularity with each passing day and health insurance under this system covers almost every type of health care service.

The new healthcare system that has come into existence is known as the MAaccess program. As of now, there are eleven different organizations that have come into existence through this scheme. These organizations include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Association Health Management Association (AHMO), Center for Consumer Education, Inc. (CCEA), and Health Maintenance Management Association of South Florida (HAMP). The state of Florida, in collaboration with the Florida Corporation Commission, is also working on establishing another ten medical specialty organizations. This main article will focus on the discussion that took place in the Florida legislature concerning the creation of this primary healthcare system.

Part one of this article discussed the definition of managed care in relation to HMOs. This main article now looks at the services that are covered in the managed care plans of the different insurance companies. It also provides an in-depth look at the benefits and drawbacks of both the managed care plans and the indemnity policies. Finally, it looks at the role of accident insurance in the overall scheme of things.

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