Online Video Games Offer Physical Benefits

Online video games refer to any computer game which is played by people via the Internet or some other electronic network based on the Internet. They have become a craze among many people who find it difficult to stay away from their computers and play their favorite computer games whenever they feel like it. This new breed of games is actually a multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), which involves two or more computers functioning simultaneously and interactively. The main characters in these games are typically the avatars of real persons who are trying to complete quests and achieve goals within the game environment. You can get more information about

MMORPGs bring about the experience of “real life” to the gaming world by immersing the players in the fantasy world. The essence of this game lies in its use of digital art, audio, and visual effects. In fact, online video games are popular worldwide because of this unique feature. It brings the people in the close proximity to each other, which in turn creates a sense of companionship, warmth and understanding. This social interaction between game players also fosters a strong sense of community, camaraderie and uniting emotions which are absent in traditional community-based games.

There are two kinds of online video games namely massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPG) and the more popularly known free-to-play. For the free-to-play online games the players can adopt a character and start playing only for limited periods. This aspect makes it less ambitious than its massively multi-player cousins. The basic idea behind the massively multi-player online role playing games is to fight with other players or against the computer itself. Free-to-play online video games are often played by the players individually. Some examples of them are: FarmVille, Abalone, Kerbal Space Program, and Skype Empires.

Social interaction is again an essential aspect of online video games. In fact it is one of the major reasons why kids like gaming so much. Kids get to interact with their peers, play games with their friends and share their thoughts and feelings through forums, chats and message boards. This helps them develop their social skills and helps them get a taste of competition among kids who play the same games.

Children may be kept away from these real life social outlets due to various reasons like geographical conditions, time constraints and others but they should be kept around the gaming outlets as long as they want to be part of the mediated social spaces. With kids spending so much time glued to their computers, it is inevitable that at some point they would want to do something else other than playing games. This transition should be gradual and they should not be forced to make it. They should slowly be introduced to the social outlets.

Overall the current study concludes that online video games offer tangible social benefits in the form of improved self-esteem, better communication skills, and greater friendship. These are all important aspects of developing positive social ties. It is therefore important for parents to take a proactive stance and make sure that their kids are not forced to play them. Instead, parents can opt for a more sedate game that will help them develop their own social skills and bonds. Such games include activities like cooking, reading and even playing games on cars.

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