Rifton Activity Chair, a revolution in active seating

An inflatable sensory chair is a seat for kids that you inflate and provides a comfortable place to sit. Kids can enjoy sensory stimulation a lightweight and easy to store sensory seat, making it a good choice when working in small spaces. Sensory seatings provide children with the extra movement that they seek while sitting for a longer span of time. Sensory seating can be a great way to help children sit longer, focus better and finish tasks. Many flexible seating options stimulate students’ sense of touch. Active sitting is based on the idea that it’s not healthy for the body to be seated for long periods of time.

A sensory seat cushion is an alternative to wobble seat for adaptive floor seating or to place in the seat of classroom classroom chairs. Apart from supporting active sitting, these chairs adapt to your child’s changing requirements. As the height of these chairs can be adjusted, you can manage the height of the chair according to your child’s growth. I’ve gathered a variety of sensory seating, going beyond the usual active chairs you may have seen elsewhere to help you find the right solution for yourself or a loved one. An active seating solution for anywhere there’s a wiggle or a giggle, the Runtz Ball Chair from Safco works just like Zenergy – only on a smaller scale.

Also, they can be tucked under desks or tables when not in use, which makes them perfect if you have a small space homeschool room. Additionally, the tactile feedback that kids get from the sensory rocking chair can help to improve their focus and attention. This chair type is highly beneficial for kids with a sensory processing disorder. It provides the right proprioceptive input they need and hence, allows them to experience their own body positions along with pressures in joints and muscles. Thus, to promote dynamic or active sitting in children, provide them with a good swivel chair.

Research suggests that the use of therapy balls for students with ADHD may facilitate in-seat behavior and legible word productivity of students. Alternative seating is a sensory-based intervention that aims to support a child’s need for sensory stimulation. If you’re looking for a way to help your child relax and concentrate, a sensory rocking chair may be the perfect solution.

Have a comfortable sitting area, instead of a hard surface. Promotes healthy posture and core strength both of which decrease inattentiveness. Balance Ball Chairs are absolutely perfect for children with ADHD.

You want to be sure that the stool is not too big or too small, as this could cause safety issues. The Peapod Kids Inflatable Chair creates a sense of security and well-being by providing a deep soothing pressure. Increase focus and concentration when reading, working, & more.

The easy-to-grab prongs also make this ball great for on-the-go therapists. Great for your home, clinic or classroom in place of an ordinary chair. Seating for long periods of time is not healthy and might lead to decreased muscle tone, back soreness, fatigue and lack of concentration.

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