Whip-Its Canisters Found in a Car

In the last decade, nitrous oxide abuse, otherwise known as Whip-its, has become a national epidemic. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration reported that twelve million people had used Whip-its as of 2012. They are available at retailers and grocery stores without any age restrictions or warnings. The use of these canisters has been associated with numerous health problems, including addiction, inflicted by these candies.

A woman in Iowa faces numerous criminal charges after police found empty whip-its canisters in her Maserati. Police in Iowa City checked the license plate of the black Gran Turismo with tinted windows. They found that the woman was operating the vehicle without a license. The police stopped the car as it pulled into a gas station parking lot. They approached the car and discovered the empty canisters.

Whippets are a dangerous inhalant drug. The abuse of whippets involves breathing in the fumes at close ranges, either by using a face mask or a bag. Those who do it want a “huff” effect and a feeling of bliss that lasts only a short while. Whippets are easily obtained from legitimate products, but they are also illegal. It is widely regarded as a relatively safe drug, but it is a potentially lethal addiction.

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